Message from the Head of SUAPP, Dr. Stan Hyland

In a global knowledge economy, engaged metropolitan research universities are in a unique positoin to drive the economic growth of cities by strengthening communities through engaged scholarship and service learning. Valuable services are provided to cities and enable the institution and the urban citizens to improve their core knowledge and expertise leading to future developmentof theories and discoveries that advance out nation. Since 1999, the School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy (SUAPP) at the University of Memphis important discoveries are revealed through collaboration with instutions, agencies, and organizations and by defining the questions and best practices of research methodologies and data analysis. Engaged scholarship has become the hallmark of SUAPP’s work.

Our goal is to use the Memphis Urban Affairs Spotlight  as an interactive resource for Memphis residents, community and regional leaders, university faculty and the greater MidSouth community.  Watch for thoughtful information and policy news related to urbanism, city & regional planning, public administration and leadership, social work, criminal justice, service-learning, engaged scholarship, philanthropy, collaboration, and much more.

SUAPP’s faculty, partners and graduate students are producing new resources every day, we decided the Memphis Urban Affairs Spotlight would allow for more in-depth coverage and discussions.

All of this will take some time, of course.  In the meantime, we invite you to connect with us to let us know what you think of the effort or suggest topics you would like to see us cover.


Stan Hyland, Ph.D.




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