Gardening events on the University of Memphis Campus


Bennett Smithhart

Housing and Community Development Fellow

Master’s Candidate – City and Regional Planning

I have been placed as an HCD Fellow at the TIGUrS Urban Garden here at the University of Memphis. TIGUrS stands for Tiger Initiative for Gardens in Urban Settings. This is an element of the Green Campus Initiative toward a more sustainable campus. The TIGUrS Gardens are a great asset for the University and the surrounding neighborhoods. Our goal is to provide free vegetables for the students and the surrounding community. We also provide educational opportunities for anybody that is willing to learn. Our aim to not only to provide fresh food, but to teach people about growing vegetables.

With my background in Landscape Architecture and my current studies in City Planning this fellowship has suited me perfectly. Our cities have over urbanized and we need to bring nature back into our cities and into the lives of the inhabitants. Our communities should take influence from the TIGUrS Urban Garden and other similar organizations to create sustainable and just communities.

Check out the TIGUrS Urban Garden at or Follow them on Instagram @tigurs_garden.

We have some great events coming up over the next few days that everybody should check out!

Sweet Potato Pull at the TIGUrS Garden (Behind Elma Roane Fieldhouse) at 10am on Monday October 6th.

Tiger Blue Goes Green Day at the Student plaza on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week starting at 10am.


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