Center for Transforming Communities ioby fundraising campaign

Center for Transforming Communities      ioby
By Ian Preston
The Center for Transforming Communities is partnering with ioby (the online fundraising platform, short for “in our backyard”) to raise funds for our Shalom Zones in South Memphis and Highland Heights. Each Shalom Zone will be organizing its own “Neighborhood History Project” with the help of Rhodes College and its Crossroads to Freedom program. Youth from South Memphis and Highland Heights will be learning how to use video and photography equipment to then interview elderly folks in their neighborhood. These interviews will then be documented and archived for all to see. Our hope is that other neighborhoods will recognize our success and organize history projects of their own! 
There are two links below – each to a separate project. We ask that if you are interested in donating, and if your last name begins with letters A – M, that you please donate to South Memphis. If your last name begins with letters N – Z, we would love for you to show your support for the Highland Heights neighborhood. 
I have donated $25 myself, using the very simple paying method on ioby following one of the links below. Its super simple and you receive a receipt and everything. We are trying to raise 25-50% of our funds before February 3rd, so we would love (and need!) your support! 
A – M
N – Z
Thanks so much and please feel free to contact me for details.
Ian Preston
Master’s Candidate City and Regional Planning
University of Memphis

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