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Or call: (901) 730-2526

On October 12, 2013, from Noon – 6:00 pm, various South Memphis community organizations, the City of Memphis, and the Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team with the support of the neighborhood, are launching South MEMFIX: Mississippi Boulevard/Walker Avenue – an event for engaging the community & showcasing how a great street & a thriving public space can serve as a catalyst for economic vitality & neighborhood redevelopment.

The neighborhood will be transformed by introducing:

New Retail in Vacant Storefronts

Local Restaurants & Food Trucks

Live Local Music Performances

Interactive Youth Sports Arena

Community Resource Stations

Art Installations by South Memphis Talent

South MEMFIX: Mississippi /Walker will transform the neighborhood into a vibrant urban marketplace, as local businesses, residents and community organizations temporarily redesign and activate these two city blocks over the course of the weekend.  The entire city is invited to rethink the character of the neighborhood and celebrate the art of the possible at this ‘fix-up the block party.’

We are seeking motivated & passionate volunteers to ensure this locally driven event will be a success.  This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate a new vision for the South Memphis neighborhood through unique community programming.  Help us unlock the potential and envision the future of Mississippi/Walker.

About Mayor Wharton’s Innovation Delivery Team

In 2011, Bloomberg Philanthropies invested $4.8 million in the City of Memphis to establish an Innovation Delivery Team.  This is one of the largest private sector commitments to social innovation, and Memphis is just one of five American cities chosen for this unique opportunity.

In his 2012 State of the City Address, Mayor Wharton outlined his top mayoral priorities, which included actively investing in our youth while making Memphis a safe and vibrant place.  As such, Mayor Wharton chose two specific areas for the Innovation Delivery Team to focus on: reducing gun violence among young people and fostering neighborhood economic vitality.

Since January 2012, the team has followed a deliberate path to understanding the root causes of gun violence and the lack of economic vitality.  They convened stakeholders from across the public and private sector, reviewed academic materials and studied strategies employed by other cities in search of best practices to be employed in Memphis.   With an aggressive agenda of achieving measurable results by the fall of 2014, the team has developed a series of initiatives that will move the city toward significant change in a short time.  Moreover, they have elected to employ place-based approaches, focusing initiatives in selected neighborhoods where they can roll-out and pilot initiatives with the intent of replicating those that are successful in other core city neighborhoods.

This approach to generating change also provides the opportunity for government and the private sector to partner in new and exciting ways.   The grant by Bloomberg Philanthropies funds only the direct and indirect costs of the team and its’ operation.   It comes with an expectation that matching funds will be raised to implement initiatives developed by the team.  Support for these initiatives is critical to our success and to making meaningful change in our rate of gun violence and in renewing the economic vitality of our core city neighborhoods.

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