McDonald’s Must Comply #honortheoverlay


UPDATE: City Council Meeting has been changed to October 15 at 3:30 pm. 

Strong community and student led opposition to the development plans McDonald’s has for the University District has made national news. The University District Overlay (UDO, or Overlay) was ratified in 2012 in response to the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Memphis, students, faculty, and visitors wanting a development plan that is sustainable for the community, and more accessible to pedestrians and bicyclists. The McDonald’s that will be built on the corner of Highland and Southern has created a plan that does not comply with the Overlay, and McDonald’s does not understand the utility in changing their design.

This is a very important issue for the University District because the Overlay demonstrates the vision all people in the district have decided is best for their community. Convincing City Council and McDonald’s of the importance of involving the community in development plans will set an example for future development in the University District.

There is a City Council Meeting on October 15 and we need your signature to encourage City Council Members why they should vote “NO” to McDonald’s plan. If you agree that McDonald’s should comply with the Overlay please sign this:


You can read more about this issue from multiple news sites:

(AP) UM, neighbors battle McDonald’s over site

(Commercial Appeal) U of M, neighbors battle McDonald’s over drive-thru

University District Development Blog Post


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