TIGUrS Guest in the Garden, April 10, GrowMemphis will discuss the past, present and future of community gardening in Memphis.

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Dear friends,
Thanks again to all who attended our first two Guests in the Garden seminars. Richard and Emily both gave wonderful presentations and left us with lots to think about. Be (bee?) sure to check out Richard’s blog at peacebeefarm.blogspot.com, and keep an eye out for Emily’s future book about the theology of food and food justice.
This week, we’re joined by the staff of GrowMemphis, a local nonprofit organization that provides programmatic, financial, and technical support to over two-dozen community gardens in neighborhoods throughout the Memphis area. The guys (Khomorai and Chris) will lead us in a discussion about the past, present, and future of community gardening in Memphis, and share what GrowMemphis is doing to promote a more equitable distribution of access to good food for the people of our city. We hope you’ll join us!
Khomorai and Chris from GrowMemphis
Past, present and future of community gardening in Memphis
Wednesday, April 10
University Center’s Poplar Room
All are welcome!
Also, you’ve probably noticed that it’s finally beginning to feel like spring around here – which means those of us at TIGUrS are getting geared up for the growing season. We have two events coming up that we’d like to share:
First, we’ll be working in partnership with the folks at the Highland Area Renewal Corporation and Memphis City Beautiful to install a brand new community garden near RP Tracks restaurant during this Saturday’s MEMfix event. If you want to get your hands dirty and beautify our neighborhood, stop by between 10 and 6 and lend a hand. For more information on how you can be involved, contact me at kslatta@memphis.edu or 901.603.7106.
Second, we’re very excited about kicking off the growing season at our Earth Day Celebration on Thursday, April 18th. Join us in the Oasis garden for the day as we dance, eat, plant, and celebrate the beauty and abundance of our world. Be sure to stop by at noon when we release hundreds of native butterflies to help pollinate our gardens.
Happy spring! See you soon,
Kenny Latta

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