Guests in the Garden Speaker Series: Wednesday, March 27, Bee Keeper Richard Underhill

Our first guest for the Guests in the Garden Speaker Series is
Bee Keeper Richard Underhill 

Wednesday at 6:00pm, in the University Center Room 308 (Poplar Room)

I hope especially that those interested in environmental sustainability and justice, urban gardens, food access, etc. will be able to join us. Richard will be leading a discussion about the environmental threats facing honeybees and other essential pollinators, and will outline what we can do in our own lives to create nurturing habitats that promote the health of honeybees and humans alike. Here’s Richard’s bio:

Richard Underhill operates Peace Bee Farm in Proctor, Arkansas. He and his wife, Rita, live on the Crittenden County farm owned by their family since 1950. Peace Bee Farm produces honey in the Arkansas Delta as well as providing pollination for the Memphis Botanic Garden and observation hives for the Children’s Museum of Memphis. Peace Bee Farm produces unprocessed, raw honey and bee hive products using natural, biological techniques to avoid the use of chemicals or pesticides in their hives 

Richard holds a Masters of Education degree from Christian Brothers University. He is the Vice President of the Arkansas Beekeepers Association, and former President of the Tennessee Beekeepers Association and the Memphis Area Beekeepers Association. Richard writes about beekeeping at, a blog read in 194 countries. In beekeeping, he regularly finds himself humbled while matching wits with insects!

Also, if you’re reading this but thinking “Bees aren’t for me,” check out this TED talk from 2008 (Not Richard, though if you’ve ever followed his blog you’ll know that he’s just as engaging and passionate about beekeeping):


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