Sweet Success of Southern Sweep


The Sweet Success of Southern Sweep

By Marie Dennan

Perfect weather, enthusiastic volunteers, and a noble mission to clean up the bike lanes in the University District was a recipe for success on Saturday, November 17, 2012. Southern Sweep was organized by Clean Memphis and Livable Memphis, with the idea to raise awareness about the importance of bike lane safety in Memphis, TN. About 50 volunteers from the University of Memphis, Coca-Cola, and Cooper Young Community Association helped picked up trash and recyclables in the bike lanes on Southern Ave. The clean-up focused on four locations: the intersections of Highland, Goodwyn, Hollywood and Cooper. Cecell Hite, Housing and Community Development Fellowship graduate student, worked with the Adopt-a-Street program at the University of Memphis to facilitate operations at the Highland location. Bikers along the route thanked the volunteers for cleaning up the lanes, which had accumulated many leaves, and littered with glass bottles and aluminum cans, making bikers prone to receiving flats.  The bike lanes on Southern Ave. directly connect the University of Memphis with the surrounding neighborhoods. Southern Sweep publicized the importance the community places on keeping this alternative transportation route safe and accessible.

Clean Memphis

Livable Memphis

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