United Housing, Inc. revitalizing Memphis housing market

United Housing, Inc. is a 501 (c)(c) not for profit agency, founded in 1994, that is dedicated to acquiring, refurbishing, and reselling foreclosed homes in Shelby County, and offers counseling to prospective home-buyers, as well as low interest rate loan products. Memphis had over 17,500 foreclosed homes in 2008-2009, giving the city the 13th highest foreclosure rate in the nation. The agency has chosen to focus on neighborhoods that had healthy housing markets before the housing bubble burst in 2007. United Housing, Inc. strives to purchase all foreclosed homes in any given community to improve the standard of living for the entire community and to help Shelby County improve the real estate market.

Click here to read more about how United Housing, Inc. acquires and refurbishes houses in Shelby County.

University of Memphis Graduate student in Anthropology, and HCD Fellow, Anna Gattuso will be working on programs with United Housing, Inc. Please stay tuned for the work she will be doing throughout the semester!

Support United Housing, Inc. at the 10th Annual Evening at the Theatre Fundraiser:

  • What: Zombies from the Beyond: A musical comedy celebration of American ideals in the Eisenhower era, the songs, dances, and laughs abound in the unlikeliest of settings as the Cold War and space race paranoia. It’s a quirky spoof from the movie musicals of the 50’s to the cheap space invasion films of the same era. The New York Daily News calls it, “hilarious, superb, marvelous and out of this world!
  • Where: Circuit Playhouse, 51 S. Cooper Street, Memphis, TN  38104
  • When: Thursday, October 4th,   Reception: 5:30 p.m.,  Curtain Call: 7:00 p.m.

Click here for tickets

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