Introducing the 2012 University of Memphis Housing and Community Development Fellows

The School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Memphis has 14 graduate students from the Departments of Anthropology, City and Regional Planning, Public Administration, and Social Work in the 2012 Housing and Community Development (HCD) Fellows Program. These students will be conducting vital work with different organizations in the Memphis metropolitan area that are committed to community development. The purpose of the program is to encourage professional students to engage in community based research, public policy, program development, project management, and program evaluation efforts in the field of economic and community development.

Please follow the Memphis Urban Affairs Spotlight to keep up with the positive changes in our community with the help of the HCD Fellows!

Below is a list of the organizations the students will be working with:

Carole Colter – GrowMemphis

Amy Donaghey – Binghampton Development Corporation

John Elliott – Behavioral Health Initiatives

Anna Gattuso – United Housing

Noelle Gilbreath – Community Development Council

Cecell Hite – University Neighborhood Development Council

Zach Hunter – Memphis Landmarks Commission

Austin Johnson – Frayser Community Development Corporation

Kate Kananura – Gestalt Community Schools

Kenny Latta – Tigers Initiative for Gardening in Urban Settings (TIGUrS)

Katie Mckeel – Mayor Wharton’s Innovation Delivery Team

Gabrielle Mondie – City of Memphis

Gayle Ozanne – The Works, Inc.

Nadia Shah – Pigeon Roost Development Corp.


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