1st Public Meeting July 11 for the Lower MS River Resource Assessment | Memphis

   Wednesday, July 11
4 – 8 pm
Harbor Landing on Mud Island
101 North Island Drive
Memphis, TN 38103

The Mississippi River Corridor – Tennessee is inviting the public to attend the 1st Public Meeting for the Lower Mississippi River Resource Assessment (LMRRA).

The LMRRA is a collaborative project that involves the Corps of Engineers, with sponsorship from The Nature Conservancy and the Great Rivers Partnership that includes partner entities: Mississippi River Corridor – Tennessee, Audubon Society, Lower Mississippi River Conservation Committee, Delta Wildlife, Mississippi Wildlife and Quapaw Canoe Company.

The first of its kind, the study will cover portions of seven states in the Lower Mississippi River alluvial valley.

The study’s purpose is to develop recommendations for:  1) the collection, availability and use of information needed for river-related management; 2) the planning, construction and evaluation of potential restoration, protection and enhancement measures to meet identified habitat needs; and 3) potential projects to meet identified river access and recreation needs.

The final study and list of recommendations will be released as a Corps of Engineers report to the U.S. Congress.

Citizens are encouraged to attend this important public meeting for the opportunity to provide input for this unique study and influence recommendations to improve our quality of life in the Lower Mississippi River basin.

Contact Diana Threadgill with the MRCT for more information at  dianathreadgill@comcast.net

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