SHELBY Child Impact Assessment | New Tool for Decision Making | Brown Bag March 23

The Engaged Scholarship Faculty Committee presents

How and Why Memphians are Making Children their #1 Policy Priority

Interested in children’s rights, government transparency, effective representation, or BIG change in Memphis?

Then come see how local government decision making will change in big ways thanks to a new and improved policy decision aid: SHELBY Child Impact Assessment.

Friday, March 23rd, 12-1 PM, 307 Jones Hall

Michael Schmidt, Director

Center for Multimedia Arts

SHELBY is a web-based decision app used by Shelby County and Memphis governments to develop, modify, and judge proposals concerning safety, health, education, and land use. Come learn how you and your organization can now use SHELBY’s latest version to promote informed consideration for children, youth, and families by literally interfacing with government planners and officials on their proposed resolutions and ordinances.

Brown Bag ESFC SHELBY.docx


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