Twitter guide for public sector and nonprofits

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  • U.S. Government Relations & Public Affairs

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In September of last year, Twitter announced that it had 100 million active users—50 million of which log on to the site every single day. What’s more, these frequent tweeters include major newsrooms, every U.S. Cabinet member, 84% of state governors and more than 99% of the nation’s top 200 nonprofits.

Check out kglobal’s Practical Guide to Twitter ( ) to learn some of the basics about using this social media platform as well as some of its practical business applications. Topics include:

What Twitter is
The meaning of a tweet
Why you should care
Twitter for B2B
What to tweet
How to use hashtags
Who to follow
What follower numbers mean and how to get more
How to schedule tweets for the future
Maximizing the reach of a tweet
Writing your bio
Trending topics and other words in the Twictionary



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