SoMe RAP Awarded TN Medical Assoc. 2012 Community Service Award | Memphis

Congratulations to the SUAPP City and Regional Planning students, faculty, and staff who participated in creating the South Memphis Revitalization Action Plan (SoMe RAP) will be honored with the Tennessee Medical Association’s 2012 Community Service Award.

The Memphis Medical Society nominated the project to the Association which recognized the SoMeRAP plan and implementation efforts for its “contributions to the improvement and advancement of health.”

Professors Katherine A. Pennington and Kenneth M. Reardon will accept the award on behalf of our project at TMA’s 2012 Awards Ceremony to be held at the Nashville International Airport Marriott on Saturday, April 14th.

The South Memphis Revitalization Action Plan (SoMe RAP) is an effort to transform South Memphis into one of the region’s premier urban neighborhoods of choice by mobilizing local residents, institutions, and their allies to implement a comprehensive economic and community development strategy that promotes:

• healthy living
• lifelong‐learning
• local entrepreneurship
• job training
• innovative youth and family services
• green building and design
• cooperative problem‐solving
• alternative transportation
• excellence in urban design
• public and private development partnerships.



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