Urban Magnets: Lessons in Sustainable Place-Making

 Memphis Regional Design Center
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Urban Magnets:

Lessons in Sustainable Place-Making



Please join Crosstown Arts, ULI Memphis and Livable Memphis for a lecture on sustainable placemaking.


Memphis College of Art

Callicott Auditorium – Rust Hall


Thursday, February 9, 2012

5:30 p.m. – Reception

6:00 p.m. – Program


Keynote Speaker:

Alan Boniface, B.A., B.Arch., MAIBC, MRAIC, AIA


Short Bio: Alan is the current managing partner of the Vancouver studio of DIALOG, past chair of the Vancouver Planning Commission and chair of the Vancouver District Council of the Urban Land Institute.

He is recognized as a leading thinker on urban issues. His experience with large mixed-use projects, unique sustainable architecture and public space design all contribute to a unique approach to city-making.

Lecture Description: A study in the fundamental ingredients integral to making sustainable places. In particular a discussion of ‘Urban Magnets’, a methodology which helps assess and assist in the design of sustainable communities.

The program will also include short presentations of Memphis "urban magnet" projects in the early stages of planning and development that can serve as local references and points of comparison for the speaker’s discussion of urban magnets more generally.

Sponsors: Crosstown Arts, ULI Memphis, and Livable Memphis



This is non an MRDC event.  Please contact Emily Halpern at Crosstown Arts for more information.  








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Executive Director/Chief Design Officer


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